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Introducing our first course - Financial Foundations

Financial education is crucial for people of all ages. Money is an indispensable part of our daily lives, whether shopping at the grocery store or investing in the stock market. However, there are very few financial courses for youth that are comprehensive, interactive, easily accessible, and free. To fill this gap, we're unveiling our very first personal finance course: Financial Foundations.

Throughout seven in-depth modules, 44 lessons, 87 articles, and over 300 practice questions, students will explore key finance topics including:

  • Earning Income - Careers, sources of income, taxes, and welfare.

  • Spending - Shopping, donations, budgets, and more.

  • Saving - Saving strategies, types of savings accounts, and the relationship between interest rates and the economy.

  • Investing - Investment principles and strategy, types of investments, and selecting a financial advisor.

  • Credit - Types of loans, credit cards, credit scores, and debt relief.

  • Managing Risk - Types of risk and how to manage them with insurance and consumer protection laws.

What's more? Our course is based on a set of nationally recognized standards developed by the National Council for Economic Education, ensuring thorough coverage across a variety of areas.

In addition to informative articles and practice questions, we've created a growing library of interactive tools and calculators that enable students to apply what they've learned in real-life scenarios. Through guided inquiries, they will also gain practical skills, like filing taxes or comparing credit card offers.

And with our online platform, teachers can assign customized lessons to students, and parents can track the progress of their children.

Secure the financial future of yourself, your child, or your students now with Financial Foundations. It's easily accessible - and completely free!



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