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Getting Started with Testing

Welcome, Testers!

Thanks again for your interest in helping us improve our platform!

You can start testing by signing up for an account here. Please select the Learner role and "No, I'd like to Sign Up as an Individual" when prompted. Follow these instructions on signing up as an independent student if you need further help. Then send an email to with the subject "Testing".


Volunteers earn half an hour of community service just by registering!

Once, you've signed up, you can explore the website and offer feedback by navigating to the testing page of the dashboard. Earn volunteer time by clicking the Begin Session button. After starting a session, use the Give Feedback button to provide feedback.

You can offer feedback on just about anything, whether it's about the content of the course or the design of the website. Aside from giving feedback on your own, we kindly ask that, if an error pops up, you click the "Details" button and send an error report. When you're in a session, try to give feedback at regular intervals, at least every 15-30 minutes if possible.


You can end a session manually with the End Session button. The session will also end automatically after a period of inactivity.


Once you're ready to get credit for your volunteer hours, click the Redeem Hours button on the testing page. After you confirm the redemption request, we'll get in touch with you to sign a service form.

In case you need to reference it later, the instructions above can be found in the Testing section of our Help center, linked here.


We hope that this covers everything, but if you have any questions at all when signing up or testing, feel free to reach out!

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