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Filing Status

Your filing status determines important tax details, such as your filing requirements, standard deduction, and eligibility for certain credits.

There are five separate filing statuses:

  • Single - for unmarried individuals without any dependents.

  • Head of household - for individuals who are unmarried, but have at least one dependent.

  • Married filing jointly - only one spouse must file a tax return. Because it usually results in the lowest amount of taxes paid, couples are usually encouraged to file with this status.

  • Married filing separately - each spouse must file an individual tax return. This status is helpful when one spouse has a significant amount of deductibles, or has a student loan repayment plan based on income (usually, couples filing jointly have more reported income per each form than couples filing individually).

  • Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child - This status allows formerly married individuals with a deceased spouse and dependent child to file taxes as if they were still married. You can file taxes with this status up to two years after the death of your spouse.

Filing Status
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