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About Us

We are Financedu

We are Financedu, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing free financial education for youth of all ages. Our comprehensive, engaging curriculum and programs teach individuals the skills necessary for lifelong financial success!


Eamon Gordon

My lifelong interest in finance began when I received an iPod touch on my fourth birthday.  I tapped an unfamiliar chart icon and was fascinated by the graphs and real-time changes, which I later discovered to be the Stocks app. Since then, I have followed financial news and the stock market daily, and my interest in finance has deepened as I’ve grown older.

But Financedu in its current form began on a summer morning in 2021, when I was completing an application for the 2021 Broadcom MASTERS National Science Fair.  Inspired by an essay question that asked me to create a novel school course, I have devoted much of my free time over the past two years to developing online financial education courses and resources, which has became


Given its importance in modern society, I am passionate about universal and free access to financial education. I'm happy that you've found our website! 


Eamon Gordon

Founder of Financedu

Our Goals

We seek to...

Prepare Youth for the Future

Our mission is to promote Financial Literacy, empowering youth with the knowledge and confidence to make sound financial decisions.

Close the Knowledge Equity Gap

Disparities in access to financial education contribute to economic inequality. We strive to close some of these gaps by offering courses and resources free of charge.

Instill Life Skills

Essential financial skills such as saving, budgeting, investing, and planning develop habits that are beneficial in all spheres of life.

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